What to Keep in Your Dance Bag

What to Keep in Your Dance Bag

Many dancers go through the struggle of having a dance bag that weighs 4 tons (@me), don’t worry I have a method to help lighten the load… *take everything out of your dance bag and set it down *throw all of the garbage away(you can’t deny that there isn’t trash in there) and vacuum and get all the crumbs out… *place all of your shoes in a separate pile(make sure they fit) *take the remaining items and put them in 3 piles: need, nice to have, and unnecessary *take all your necessary items and put them in your bag *put all the unnecessary items back where they belong *think about the nice to have items and choose about half of them to keep and put the other half back where it belongs I know it just tears you apart to take things out of your dance bag because you think will need it one time or another, but trust me you probably don’t need it. Some good things to keep in your bag other than your shoes are spare tights, band-aids, deodorant, stitch kits, a hair brush, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. Somethings you don’t need to lug around are towels, socks, a ratty old pair of tights, lotions,and snacks- always bring snacks in your dance bag, but don’t store them in there it only leads to crumbs and messes. Hope you can shed a few pounds of your dance bag.;)


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