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Leg stretches

Yesterday I rode my bike for a little over a hour. I haven’t biked in over 5 months, and little did  I know today I would be sore. My hips are really tight and my thighs are sore. Sometimes after ballet I feel the same way, with tight hips and sore legs. I decided that I would give y’all some stretches and exercises to prevent and soothe the soreness.

1.lunges: great way to stretch out your glutes, hips, and quads

2. Downward dog: stretches out your calves

3.squat stretch: stretches out your thighs

4. Lunge grabbing back leg: stretches your hips and thighs (get in a lunge position and rest the knee of your extended leg on the ground reach back and grab foot and try to pull close to your body while pressing hips toward the ground)

5. Frog: for your hips and helps your turnout;)


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