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Developpes are so beautiful and every ballerina wants the beautiful sky high extensions. The truth is they are easier said than done. My developpes aren’t perfect, but everyday I do these things to try to achieve developpes like the pros….

1. They’re are tons of great leg exercises….to many to list but here’s a few I do daily…. squats, walking lunges, calf raises, mountain climbers, sumo squats, burpees, and squat jumps.

2. To have great extensions you have to have strong hips….it’s something that adds to the beauty. You’re not just throwing your leg up there, you’re showing your strength and control.

butterfly, pigeon pose, glutes bridges, and mountain climbers

3. Stand in first position and put your foot in passé and slightly raise your passé and lower, just little pulses. Do 30 reps and repeat on other leg.

4. Developpe your leg, hold, pulse and lower do it a few times and repeat on other leg.

5. The best way  you get better extensions is to practice every single day!!!! Your extensions will improve I promise!;)


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